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Made to Order


All natural


Skyway has been in business since 1952 when the Large family founded the first Skyway Drive - In Restaurant on Rt. 18, Market Street, in Fairlawn. The curbside service hasn't changed since then. Since 1997, Skyway in Green carries on the same tradition of outstanding customer service through well-trained and highly energetic curb staff. Skyway has built a reputation on their unique, juicy hamburg and signature bun.  

All of our burgers and sandwiches are made with natural, fresh ingredients that are locally sourced to ensure the highest quality

The patties don't hit the grill until you place your order so you always recieve hot, freshly prepared food the way you want it

Our meat is always fresh and never frozen.  Made with the perfect ratio of lean rounds to create our signature burgers and unique taste 

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